Who are we?

We are a unique, Christian college program located in Minneapolis, MN.

More than that…

We are different

Anyone can say they are different, but the very structure of our program proves that we are.

We are Christian

Rivendell Sanctuary is a place where your Christian faith is supported and strengthened.

We are transformational

At Rivendell, you’ll be inspired, you’ll be challenged, and you will be transformed.


Upcoming Events

  • alec_wAlec Liederbach

    My favorite part of
    Rivendell would have to be the close knit

    "Going through Rivendell with one class is such a valuable experience..."
  • student_testimonialsStudents – Spiritual Formation

    God is apart of everything, but Rivendell really made that REAL to me....

    "God is a part of Mathematics... "
  • al_testimonialAaron Loenhorst

    The Rivendell
    Critical Thinking Method
    is one of the most intriguing aspects of Rivendell