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The college core ought to pursue life’s great questions if students are to formulate a framework for their everyday existence. So, we offer a graduate style environment where students take a greater role in the classroom. When discussing the great questions, your input is just as important as your professor’s.


...with the best minds civilization has ever produced...

The college core ought to include the best works available if it is to develop the best students possible. So, we offer a Great Books curriculum where you, your colleagues and your faculty dialogue with the greatest that has ever been thought and said.


...all in the context of the greatest story ever told -- the Bible.

The college core ought to carry a right posture before the Creator if students are have a right view of His creation. So, we consider the Bible as the greatest of all great books and the ultimate authoritative source. All subjects are tied into God’s Story and designed to give you a biblical worldview perspective on all of life.


Live a Life Worth Having: Emily’s Experience

Spend five weeks in Italy studying Fine Arts

Recommended by Christian leaders:

"Based upon the curriculum, vision, and integrity of the program as well as the excellence of those serving in it, I wholeheartedly encourage any Christian student wanting to prepare for an impactful life to strongly consider the Rivendell Program as the first two years of their college training.”
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Randy Sims
Worldview Academy
Education at its best is learning to learn. The Rivendell Program at San Diego Christian has been established around this approach to education, and I heartily endorse this program of study. The old cliché of “teaching kids how to think, not what to think” is not a cliché – it actually happens."
John Stonestreet
Summit Ministries

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