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All-inclusive package:

San Diego Christian’s Rivendell program on our Minnesota campus is an “all-inclusive” college experience.  There are four total semesters in the program. Our goal is to be as cost effective as possible for our students while offering a high value program including features such as study abroad, cultural events, etc. We feel these included features are not only beneficial, but essential in equipping exceptional students to become extraordinary citizens.

Please see our financial aid tab to learn more about the different ways you can fund your experience through scholarships, grants, and loans.

Learning Experience (All-inclusive tuition):
  • Tuition
  • All books and course materials
  • Rivendell Critical Thinking Method
  • Study Abroad: All study in Florence, Venice, and Rome.
  • Semester seminars: Classroom learning from visiting experts in their field of study
  • Campus Library and Online Library Resource Center
  • Personal Tutoring
  • Technology Fee
  • Tuition Lock Guarantee (see explanation below)
  • Administrative Fee
  • Graduation Fee

The cost per semester for the All-Inclusive Tuition is $11,975.

Living Experience (All-Inclusive Room & Board):
  • Room: Traditional residence halls for men, apartment-style residence halls for women while in Minnesota
  • Room: All accommodations in Italy (Venice, Florence, and Rome)
  • Board: 3 meals per day while in Minnesota
  • Board: 3 meals per day while in Italy
  • Transportation: All transportation costs are included during the study abroad experience including airfare, visa, in-country travel, room & board, and travel insurance, etc.
  • Cultural Events in Minnesota: Broadway shows, operas, symphonies, formal dinners, etc.
  • Cultural Events in Italy: Admission to multiple museums and historical sites, professional tour guides, full-time Italian social coordinator, etc
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Activity Fee: Community events, intramural sports, weight room/exercise facilities, racquetball court, etc.
  • Community service projects (organization and transportation): Feed My Starving Children, Salvation Army, USO, etc.
  • High-speed wireless internet (campus-wide)
  • Campus Security Fee and Student ID; RAVE Emergency Alert System

The cost per semester for the All-Inclusive Room & Board is $3,995.

Required for all enrolled students:

  • Personal Laptop: Must be compatible with Windows software; Mac users must install VMWare Fusion prior to arriving on campus in order to operate necessary software (this can be purchased on campus if desired)
  • Personal Medical Insurance: students are required to maintain up-to-date medical insurance for the duration of their enrollment in the program, which is valid for use in the United States

Optional expenses:

  • Campus Parking Permit: $100 per semester (non-refundable)
  • Personal expenses, including transportation to/from home for semester breaks, etc.

Deposits (one-time):

  • U.S. Student Enrollment Reservation Deposit (applied to first semester tuition): $500
  • International Student Enrollment Reservation Deposit (applied to first semester tuition. This deposit is fully refundable should an International student’s visa application be denied.): $1000

Tuition lock guarantee:

The cost of tuition will remain the same throughout the four consecutive semesters of a student’s enrollment. This tuition lock is voided if a student withdraws from the program for any reason and re-enrolls at a later date.

Financial Aid

At San Diego Christian’s Rivendell Program, our first priority is to offer a superior education; our next priority is to make it affordable. We are doing everything we can to keep costs low while holding fast to high standards. The Rivendell program utilizes outside donors and partnerships to offer financial aid to our students who demonstrate individual need. Our admissions counselors will work with you to build a financial aid plan specific to you and your family’s situation. There are numerous financial sources that will help make the Rivendell program affordable:

  1. Federal financial aid (FAFSA school code: 012031)
  2. Minnesota financial aid (FAFSA school code: 012031)
  3. Parent contribution
  4. Student savings
  5. Private loans
  6. Rivendell institutional aid
  7. Affordable payment plan options
  8. Lifetime Learning tax credits
  9. Hope/American Opportunity tax credits

Insitutional aid for programs starting in Fall 2015

Referral Scholarship (Uncapped) - An accepted student who refers another student who attends will each be awarded a $1,000 scholarship. There are no caps on recruiting. Contact your admissions counselor for more details.

Referral Scholarship (Up to $2,000 total) - We will match up to $2,000 of funds given by the church. Students should apply for the grant when completing the institutional aid application.

Campus Visit Scholarship ($1,000 total) - Awarded to any student who visits campus prior to or during the admissions process. Visits must be coordinated through the Admissions Office.

Affiliation Award ($1,000 total) - Granted to students who demonstrate completion of a program/camp of one of our partners. Eligible organizations are Summit Ministries, Worldview Academy, Classical Conversations, YWAM, and CiRCE Institute.

The Norment Scholarship (Up to $6,000 total) - Given by Bobby and Jean Norment, this grant is awarded to students on a needs-basis who demonstrate passion and commitment to the mission and vision of the Rivendell program.

Early Acceptance Scholarship ($1,000 total) - Granted to students who submit all application components and are granted acceptance prior to October 31 for Spring Semester.

Scholarship Applications

Rssf application
Click to download the RSSF Scholarship Application
Church match
Click to download the Church Match Scholarship Application
Norment scholarship
Click to download the Norment Scholarship Application

Transferring credits to San Diego Christian

Because the Rivendell program is so unique, and because our Sequenced Modular Curriculum™ is a standalone curriculum, we cannot apply academic credits completed at other colleges or universities toward our Associate of Arts degree program in Minnesota. Since we offer one continuous 16-month program, students can neither join a program midway nor opt out of a class because they have completed similar coursework elsewhere. However, any credits previously earned can be transferred towards a major at San Diego Christian.

Transferring credits from The Rivendell Program

San Diego Christian has several unique majors and programs. SDC Rivendell program students can go to the main campus in Santee, CA to complete their bachelor’s degree. Learn more at at www.sdcc.edu.


Applicants are encouraged to complete the application as quickly as possible, since a limited number of seats are available. Please call our Main Office with questions on availability: (952) 996-1451.

Acceptance to the SDC Rivendell program does not guarantee admission into the program. Admission is confirmed by the Enrollment Reservation Deposit. This deposit secures the student’s spot in class, and will be received on a first-come, first-served basis. The deposit is applied toward the student’s first semester tuition.

  • U.S. Student Enrollment Reservation Deposit: $500 (non-refundable)
  • International Student Enrollment Reservation Deposit: $1,000 (this deposit is fully refundable should an International student’s visa application be denied)

Academic Calendar

2015 academic calendar
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